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Olympic Game Farm – Sequim, WA

In my opinion one of the absolute best things to do in Washington is to go to the Olympic Game Farm. I have been there a bunch of times through the years and I am never disapointed. Most people go to the Olympic Peninsula to go to the Olympic National Forest or to see the town of Forks, WA where those Twilight movies were filmed… but not me! I go to see and feed the ANIMALS!! For those that don’t know the Olympic Peninsula is the NW corner of the state and if you don’t take a ferry across the water it takes a long time to go the long way around the Puget Sound in a car.

We were all very excited when we finally reached the game farm. I think JP was excited too cause he doesn’t usually pose for the sign pictures but he did this time.

Anyone who has been there knows that when you pay to get in be sure to buy A LOT of loaves of bread from them. They are $2.00 a loaf but you have to have the bread and LOTS of it in order to get the full experience from the farm. You are not allowed to feed the animals anything but the bread that you buy from them.

Once you drive in and up the hill the first thing you see are the Prarie Dogs… pretty boring if you ask  me. Back a bunch of years ago a zebra use to greet you in that area so it was more exciting but I read a few years ago that he died of old age.

Then after you drive down the back hill you see what we decided to call the Yaks.

They seem like they would be scary animals but when they come to the window wanting bread they are actually very gentle. I noticed that they all have perfect straight teeth to. Weird.

And the Llamas. They are not as patient as the Yaks. They will totally stick their head in your car checking for bread.

JP was in on the action too.

The next animal we drove past was the new Zebras but they wanted nothing to do with us and stayed in their pen. We made jokes about what we thought the animals that didn’t come begging for bread were thinking. Not very friendly thoughts, ha ha.

The next and most exciting thing was the bears. Yes! I said BEARS!!! Have no fear though because they are behind an electric fence.

Don’t you just want to snuggle them? Look at those claws.

The bears are smart and totally know that you have bread. Most of them are retired Hollywood bears.

They will do tricks if you show them you have bread. If you show them the bread and motion of them to sit… they will.

They will also stand and wave. I think I may have missed my calling in life. Ugghh cause I didn’t even think I was an animal person.

This guy was relaxing in his bath when we drove past.

We tossed him a piece of bread anyways but I think he figured he would get it after his bath.

Next up were the Elk. These guys were very curious to find out of we had bread.

Not all of them, but most of them were ready to eat.

A few of them were pretty aggressive.

Some of them even had huge racks. Nice rack, dude!

How can you not love them though?

We were laughing like crazy.

Next up? The buffalo. Yup! BUFFALO!!! Yikes, huh?

These Buffalo are seriously no joke. Their heads are so big that they don’t fit in the car window.

They want bread and they want it NOW! At one point JP was watching me feed them and another buffalo snuck up on his side and started licking his ear.

They are also pretty fast and scary and I found it hard to concentrate long enough to photograph them. I know that we laughed the whole time though so I guess that makes up for it.

They drool like crazy. And it is thick and stringy drool. Before we got here I told JP a story about getting slapped by a wet buffalo tongue so he kept trying to dangle some bread in my face in hopes that the buffalo would try to grab it with his tongue and miss. Thanks JP!

There were a few Buffalo that didn’t care about the bread.

The last and Lily’s favorite animals are these little guys.

They kinda look like Antelope, maybe?

They were pretty excited about the bread but they were not obnoxious like the buffalo.

Come on guys, you know you want it!

They even had babies but the babies didn’t come anywhere near the cars.

Oh and the Buffalo babies didn’t come near the cars either.

At the end we fed the rest of our bread to Mother Goose and her gang.

After the driving part of the farm we got out of the car and did the walking part. We walked past an aquarium with lots of big fish.

And we went into the petting zoo part. The billy goats were very friendly.

I even had fun petting the lamb (who didn’t really want anything to do with me).

I took a picture of Sparkles the Llamas sign but not of her? Hmmm..



















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  1. R. Beebe says:

    Just to clarify, those are Tibetan Yak and the deer are European Fallow Deer, not Antelope. Thanks for the great facebook comment and the outstanding blog!

    R. Beebe
    President, OGF

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