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Did Someone Call A Plumber?

It all started a couple months ago when I noticed a little water spot on the master bedroom ceiling. I mentioned it to JP and he went upstairs and looked and sure enough the same spot was on the ceiling on the second floor. We also had an issue with a puddle in our side yard that always seemed to be there. I mean it has always been there since the day we moved in. The puddle is in the same place where there are little white tubes that come out of the house (I guess its meant for the condensation that comes off of the ac unit and possibly the water heaters?). JP was heading out of town that day so he told me to call a plumber and have them take a look.

I called a random plumbing company from online and they came out to take a look. When they got here they told me that the water heater in these houses are usually in the attic… yup, the attic… and that is probably where my leak is coming from. So we went upstairs and pulled the attic stair thing down (I don’t know what that is actually called). Right away I noticed that I could see the sky. The ring around the ventilation thing wasn’t there anymore and when you looked up you could see a sky colored ring around it. He said it was possible that the water came in from there when it rained. They did something with the water heaters (yup, we have two of them) then they went outside to the place in our yard by the street where the water comes in from the city. They tested that and said that our PSI was running over 80 at non-peak hours which is overall very bad for our house. They suggested we have a pressure relief valve installed outside and have two expansion tanks installed upstairs for the water heaters. They quoted me just over $1,200 to complete the job. I called JP and told him what we needed and he said he had never heard of that and felt like we were being sold something that we didn’t need. A couple days later I noticed that the puddle that had been in our yard since the day we moved in was all dried up so we ended up doing nothing at all.  I think there was a joke about it fixing itself.

Fast forward to August 3rd. I was pulling into the driveway during the middle of the day and I noticed this water.

I texted JP and said:

This past weekend we had a landscaper come and do a lot of work on our yard. Seriously, we spent a lot of money (he took out a tree, mowed, edged, blew, trimmed trees, watered stuff, and worked on the sprinker system) and it looks amazing! And the same guy will come back every few weeks and keep it looking amazing. When I started talking to him about the brown patches in the grass he said it is just dry and if we install more sprinkler heads we can get that grass green again. I gave him the go ahead to install as many as we needed and that we wanted to know where the water was coming from. He installed like 8 new sprinkler heads but before starting the job he told us that the water leak was not coming from the sprinklers but instead from the main water pipe that goes into our house. He said we would need a plumber to help us with that problem because he doesn’t do that.

After talking about it JP told me to call the plumber again and just have them come out and do everything (PR valve, expansion tanks and check the water leak). I was about to call those people when I remembered that last spring we had company come install a new toilet that someone broke, and to fix a clog in Lily’s bathroom sink. Did you know you can actually break the tank on a toilet? I won’t mention who broke it, but if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know who this person is (it was not JP, Lily or Me). So the guy from A-Tex Plumbing comes out and tells me that for the PR valve and expansion tank (note he said we only needed one tank) that it would be $685. I told him to go ahead and do it. He said he was going to call a leak detection company to help find the leak, and then he could quote me on the fix for that tomorrow. He also said he would do that insallation for tank and valve tomorrow (which is today). A minute after he left he came back and said he would change his quote to $600 if I would give his company truck a jump. Ok, that is a pretty easy $85 discount.

Today he went upstairs and did the tank then he said he would be out front for a little while doing the pressure relief valve. After seeing him out there for about an hour I walked out to ask what was up. He said they had to dig a little further into the yard then they thought because there are multiple pipes right by the sidewalk.  He they are starting the re-dig further up.

He said the pipes are usually about 12 inches under the grass but ours was about 24-36 inches under.

Here is the newly installed pressure relief valve. Ohhh Boy! Exciting stuff, huh?

This is the picture of the grass after they put everything back.

This is how green and lush our grass was back in October when it rained every once in awhile and sprinklers were not that important…. UGH.

Are you wondering what ever happened with the leak in the front yard? It is still leaking!! Yup, as we speak there is a pipe in my front yard spitting out water. The leak detection company said they can’t come out for like a week and a half because they are fully booked. The only other way to find the leak is for the plumbers to start digging. They said that they don’t usually do leak detection but they are also not going to leave us with a leak for so long so they are renting a piece of equipment tomorrow that will help them find where the water pipe is. Otherwise they would be randomly digging in our yard to try to find it. You would think that water leak = large puddle in yard, right? Nothing is ever that easy around here. There is a large soggy area about 10’x 10′ that they would otherwise have to poke around for.

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  1. Hi Rose.
    I enjoyed reading about your water problems. Have you ever thought of just trying to hold it? LOL
    So good to hear from you. I’ve saved your site. Will take repeated looks this winter when the weather closes us in as compared to the go, go, go, of summer demanded doings (crops, animlues, and instant fix’s). I promise? Well almost! (smile)
    Old Man Fernan

  2. Stephanie says:

    Ha ha! Did you pee on the driveway? That’s too funny!

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