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Birthday Present Time!

After dinner we headed home to open birthday presents! Do these people know me, or what? Wow did I feel lucky when I saw Coach and Tiffany & Co. sitting on the table!

The first thing I did was blow out my candles. 33 years old!

I love this little girl!

Oooohhhh I knew when I saw this box what would be inside of it.

When I was in Michigan in June with Lily I lost my Coach wristlet. Yup, I lost it somewhere in South Haven. I lost it along with my ID, Debit Cards, Etc. The one that they picked for me is almost exactly like the one that I lost. Love it!

I was super excited to open the Tiffany & Co box. Last year I got my first Tiffany & Co present and I have worn the earrings every single day since I got them last year.

Oh oh oh… I wonder what’s in the bag??

It’s a locket! A heart shapped locket with the word LOVE engraved on the front.

When I opened it up I said “OH I can put a picture of myself and myself in here”. Lily didn’t think that was funny AT ALL, but it made me and JP laugh!

Thank you sooooo much JP & Lily!!

2 Comments to “Birthday Present Time!”

  1. Beth Knox says:

    Still never found that wallet? did anything ever happen with ur cards? I bet its under someones couch or something?

  2. CoreyJo says:

    I looked under mine! I swear I did!! I searched the camper too!

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