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A Perfect Day
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Today I had a pretty perfect day! It started with Lily wanting JP to help her make me breakfast in bed. But since the fridge was pretty empty they had to get creative. JP brewed some coffee and Lily cut the cake. I mean coffee + birthday cake = coffee cake, right?

Then as I was eating my coffee cake my friend Laura showed up with her collection of Scentsy stuff. I smelled pretty much every scent she had and then picked a few for my warmer and a few room sprays.

Then when I went out to check the mail I discovered a package from my bff Stephanie! She is always the best gift giver! Remember awhile back I blogged that I wanted the super cute ketchup and mustard things? She listens, she really listens!! The skin cream was also in the box but different story. Thanks Stephanie!!

I also found a bunch of birthday cards in the mail. A special thanks for the cards from Vanessa & family, Kelli & family, Suzie & family, Marlene & Bob, Joy & family, Pauly & Katie, Stephanie, Bryan, Lily & JP. You guys all make me feel very special!

After that Lily, JP and I all went to the Alamo Drafthouse for lunch and a movie. I had been telling them for a couple days I wanted to see The Help. It is one of those theatres that serves you food from a menu. We ate, laughed and cried while watching The Help. I would 100% recommend that movie to everyone!

After the movie we came home for a quick swim and packed Lily up to head to her Dad’s. After we dropped her off JP and I headed to a little German town named Fredericksburg, TX for a romantic night away. After checking into our hotel we hit up a few places for some German food and beer.

JP likes his beer darker than I like it.

We seriously had the perfect day today!

It is days like today that make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday week fantastic!!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    That is the same cream that Sofia uses for her ecsema (sp?)

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