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What To Do On Whidbey Island…

This morning our big plan was to drive over to Whidbey Island and take the ferry over to Port Townsend which is on the Olympic Peninsula. Our first stop was in Anacortes, WA to see a little place called Mt Erie. Oh and evidently you have to beware of owls and dusk at dawn.

The summit is accessible via a single-lane, paved road from the base. It is 1,273 tall and has an amazing view. If you park in the top parking area you see this sign after you get out of you car. Kinda makes you want to keep at least a step or two away from the edge.

But how can you beat this view?

We love, love, love it!

We also found this statue that I don’t remember from when I have been here before.

Have you ever heard about the slugs in WA? Here we are photographing one.

Look at that sucker!! Grooooosssssss!

Our next stop was the Deception Pass Bridge. Deception pass is the strait that separates Whidbey Island from the mainland. It connects Skagit Bay with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I could just stand at stare at this bridge for a long time.

I did not take this picture but here is a better view of just how big the bridge is.

Did you know that Whidbey Island is one of the longest islands in the United States? Excluding Hawaii and Alaska it is the 2nd longest!

Here we are at the opening of the path across the bridge. We didn’t last long though because both Lily and I were freezing cold.

After we left there we stopped at the first gift shop and bought sweatshirts for me and Lily to wear. Then we headed toward the ferry in Coupeville. Well you know that saying about the best layed plans? About 4 years ago they started a ferry reservation system for that specific ferry. Did we have a reservation like Marlene warned us about yesterday? Yup, you guessed it… we didn’t. The guy told us we could wait in line and see if we make it on as stand-by on the ferry time that takes off in two hours. Uhhh… no thanks! Instead we decided to drive up the island and find some seafood for lunch. Can you spot the Daisy?

On our drive back toward the main land  I asked JP to stop at the slough. He had no desire to get out and frolick but we did. He said the slough is not a cool place to hang out.

We had to cross Deception Pass again and since we had sweatshirts this time we decided to get out and explore.


And did you know that FALLING CAN BE DEADLY?

This is what Lily looks like from under the railing.

Don’t you love this view? This is standing on the bridge and looking eastward.

Me and Lily love having our picture taken.

When we got back to the parents house we headed out to dinner at a pizza place named Jimmy’s. Then we came home and played a few games of Mexican Train Dominoes before bed.


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  1. Beth Knox says:

    I have a lot of wonderful memories on that island.

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