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Shop Til You Drop… Old Town Spring, TX

I don’t think I have mentioned this yet but JP went to work for a different company. Since he has started with them his traveling has increased and will continue to increase. He had to be in Houston, TX today for work so last night I drove with him and we stayed the night at a Hilton Hotel on the Northside of Houston. In the morning I dropped him off to meet some of his co-workers for breakfast and I set out on my own adventure. Since I had known about the trip for a few days I had had time to figure out what I was going to do. I had read about a tourist trap named Old Town Spring in Spring, TX so I decided to go see it for myself. Sure it was gonna be over 100 degrees today but they have air conditioning in the stores, right?

This is the sign you see as you are coming into the town.

And here is the history.

When I first got there my inital feeling was kinda strange. It was kinda shabby yet kinda chic. I went into some creepy stores.. kinda like this one. I totally think those dolls come alive at night.

And into other totally cute stores, like this one.

I fell in love with this statue. I want one really really bad for my backyard!

I am amazed at how full they can stuff these stores. Sure there was cute stuff… but they have it all packed in from the floor to the ceiling.

In one of the antique stores I learned about and fell in love with “vaseline glass” it is so so beautiful!

I even encountered a playful little kitty on the porch of a little shop where I bought some tea!

Every room of every store was perfectly layed out and slightly air conditioned.

So much to look at but not a lot of room to move around.

The stores in Old Town Spring are full off crafts, collectibles, and junk.

I guess you just gotta figure out the difference for yourself.

Sure God doesn’t care if you are sweating your butt off walking around Spring, but he is still watching you as you shop!

This one made me laugh. I suppose if I had to live in this house at any point I would have wanted it to be in the 1960’s!

By the time I had given up on shopping and started walking back to the truck I saw this…

Seriously? Fried Twinkees, Fried Oreos, Fried EVERYTHING… and FRIED REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS?

Yup, you guessed it. How could I walk away without trying the Fried Reese’s??

Wow! It was hot and gooey and melty.. and I am sure it was like 10,000 calories.

After that I decided it was to hot to be hanging around in the only slightly air conditioned Spring, TX I headed back toward where JP was working and I found a movie theater. The soonest movie playing was Horrible Bosses. I bought a ticket, some popcorn, and pop and I sat in the fully air conditioned theater for the next two hours. Me and one other girl were the only two people in the entire place!

All in all I would say that Old Town Spring was an interesting place. I ended up buy two Snowbabies and some tea. If I can give any advice I would say don’t go in the summer months, and I would not recommend going if you have children with you. The stores are all jammed pack with lots of breakable stuff! 



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  1. CoreyJo says:

    Oh how I would have loved shopping with you. I love those places with everything in them.

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