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Our Adventure In Seattle Center

This morning after James and Suzie left for work me and the kids were ready for our day of adventure together. What is better than a group of cousins hanging out together having fun for the day? They are all pretty close in age (Lily is 8, Stevie is 7 & Tangerine is 5) and they are generally amused by the same sort of stuff. We headed downtown to Seattle Center with a couple ideas for things to do.

You know when you don’t see someone for a while regardless of how much time has gone by you still think of them as being the same age? Kinda like if you don’t see them then they are ageless… well this is especially true when you don’t see children for awhile. In Lily’s mind Stevie and Tangerine were going to look like this picture that was taken about 4 years ago (Sorry about the quality, I just scanned this from a low quality hard copy photo I had).

You will see in the next series of photos that everyone has grown up quite a bit.

There is a lot to see and do in Seattle Center. It is basically a park, arts and entertainment enter in the center of Seattle. It is 74 acres and was originally built in 1962. I am pretty sure that EVERYONE has heard of the major landmark in Seattle Center called the Space Needle! Did you know that the Space Needle was built for the 1962 World’s Fair that was held in Seattle? Here are the kids throwing coins into the fountain below the Space Needle.

And here are some sculptures out front that they couldn’t resist playing around on.

After playing around for a litle while we used Suzie’s passes to get us into the Pacific Science Center.

This hamster like wheel cracked me up because they couldn’t get it to spin. I even got inside to help them but we just couldn’t get it to go.

There is so much to do and pretty much everything is hands on so everyone was happy.

They loved touching the sea life inside the shallow Puget Sound pools.

Check out the big star fish.

We were all grossed out by the hundreds of naked mole rats.

After I snapped that picture it reminded me of a picture that I took at the aquarium all those years ago.

When you have a little time remind me to tell you our “let’s all yell at each other” story. This picture was taken after we were done yelling.

I love how they would always turn and look at the camera when I said their names. 3 cute little camera hams!

We even got in the photo booth for some pictures. This was not one of the new fancy booths it was old and didn’t have any directions in it except for where to put the money. My favorite is the top picture that was taken when we were not ready yet.

After walking around for awhile we stopped for a snack.

Then we headed into the IMAX to watch a show called “Born To Be Wild 3D”. Here is a little snippet I found online to describe it – “Born To Be Wild 3D travels from the rainforests of Borneo to the Kenyan savannah, following orphaned baby orangutans and elephants that are being given a second chance at life with the help of world-renowned primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas, and celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne Sheldrick. They, along with their animal rescue team, work to rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to their natural habitats.”

When we were exiting the theatre there was a bench that caught my eye. I told everyone to stand on it and I got down on the sidewalk to take this picture. I told them to give me their meanest look. They are pretty tough and scary looking, huh?

But they are all actually very sweet! Dramatic at times… but still so stinkin sweet!

Once we were done at the science center we headed over to the International Fountain. According to wikipedia : “located in the middle of the Seattle Center campus, the fountain operates all year round. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the fountain was built as a modernist water sculpture. With over 20 spouts, the fountain goes through programmed cycles of shooting water patterns, accompanied by recorded world music. The music is changed every month, and chosen to coordinate with the water patterns”. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I totally let them go play in the fountain in their street clothes. We had bathing suits but who wanted to walk all they way back to the car? We didn’t!! It was so much fun to watch them run around.

Lily took a break for a little while to soak up the sun. It was a balmy 80° outside.

Here is the fountain in full force. It is amazing how much water comes spraying out of that sucker.

I told the kids it was time to go and sat them down to put their shoes back on. If I could have left them there they probably would have dried up!

The whole group. Aren’t we sooo cute?

Regardless of them shivering when they stepped out of the sun they were adamant that we stop for ice cream at the Husky Deli in West Seattle.

We found the perfect sun spot across the street to sit and eat.

These kids all love to take their shoes off. Kinda like their aunt!

I had to include this tree that we saw along California Avenue. I have no idea why but more than a few of the trees are wearing sweaters!

After this we headed back home to James’s for some dinner and another visit with Zerah and Zane.





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  1. Carla says:

    Hello Daisy,
    We are are working on a children’s book for University of Washington and I’m interested in using your photo of the Pacific Science Center for inspiration for our illustrator to paint for one of our pages. Is it possible to use this photo? We would be happy to give you photo credits for inspiration. Please let me know if this is a possibility.
    Thank you,

  2. Daisy says:

    Yes, but which photo is it? I will send you an email.

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