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My… Err… Wish List?
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As you know I have taken more and more of an interest in the kitchen. In my spare web surfing time I find myself spending more and more time on websites that sell kitchen stuff. I haven’t actually ordered anything yet but I sometimes I catch myself saying “oohh” or “ahhh” out loud! Here are some of the things that truly interest me that I found on overstock.com today.

Seriously? I don’t think this could get any cuter! Unfortunately it is only 10″ x 10″ so it is pretty useless to me but I still love it!

Count Ketchup vants you! I would totally be willing to put this in my fridge and I am sure we would laugh EVERY time we use the ketchup! The website I am looking at wants $12.99 for it but if you google “spread heads” you can get it for $3.99. I want every single one!!

Move over pot holders there is something new in town. Look at these Kitchen Kritters. You can get them for only $13.29!

But wait… maybe the Hot Head Pac Man would be better?

Talk about playing with your food. How would you like this Fred & Friends Food Face Plate?

You took a bite out of my cookie? I am not sure if these are funny or kinda gross.

I could make cookies that say curiousdaisy.com on them!

I had never heard of a food pod before. It says you can fit up to 1 dozen eggs in here and simply float it in water! Imagine how many veggies you could use this for.

I could go on and on but these are the ones that really caught my eye.

3 Comments to “My… Err… Wish List?”

  1. CoreyJo says:

    The last one looks like something from SpongeBob!!

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