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Let’s Get Framed

This afternoon as I was about to leave to run errands the door bell rang. Once I got to the door I could see a UPS truck. I opened up the front door and this is what I saw. I also saw the UPS guy getting back into his truck.

When Lily and I were in Michigan a couple weeks ago I bought something from a gallery in South Haven. I was so excited that I took it inside and placed it on the floor so I could cut it open.

Looky here. Sooo exciting!

When I bought the pictures the owner of the gallery told me he would put both a black and white matte for me to chose from. But I think the black makes it look so gloomy.

So excited I packed up the two pictures and also grabbed my “Kids on a Rope” painting and headed for the FrameGallery. I had never been there before but is just a few doors down from the grocery store that I shop at and very close to home.


We have lots of framed artwork in our house but it is all stuff that JP already had when I met him. Today was my first time picking out the matte and frame on my own! Once inside the store Elizabeth was super helpful. I told her I needed guidance and she was both friendly and knowledgeable about what would look good.

Here is the frame that I chose for the black and white photograph of the South Pier and beach in South Haven, MI.

The hardest decision was the cloudy beach day photograph. So many choices!!! Here are three of the mattes that I considered.

And this is what I finally decided on. The perfect color matte and a beautiful frame!


The easiest decision was the frame for the “Kids on a Rope” painting that Stephanie bought for me. Elizabeth was right, the frame just screams Seattle!!

About $500 dollars later and about two weeks from now I am going to have three beautifully framed peices of artwork to hang on the wall!


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  1. Marlene says:

    They are going to be beautiful in your home Rose, what a super job you did. Marlene

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