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Follow Me To Camano Island

We woke up this morning at JP’s parents house on Camano Island. The first thing Lily said to me after I got up was “Mom, did you look outside?”. It was late and dark when we got there last night so she had no idea that we were right on a cliff  looking over the water. Camano Island is about an hour or so north of Seattle. It is located in the Possession Sound portion of the Puget Sound. It is in between Whidbey Island and the mainland in a body of water named Saratoga Passage. This is what part of the view looked like this morning.

After breakfast JP, Marlene, Lily and I went for a walk down on the beach. Here is Marlene and Lily on the hike down to the water.

I said CHEESE!

DO NOT FEED OR HARASS SEALS OR SEA LIONS. The good news is I don’t think I could tell you the difference between the two so I will just leave them all alone.

Lily and I love to beachcomb.

Lily found a starfish!

I found a ton of hermit crabs. You can see the one on the bottom left starting to creep out of his shell. Also do you see the littlest one?

He was the only one who kept trying to escape. Eventually I just let them all go.

My favorite beachcomber!

Check out this Lion’s Mane Jellfish that we found. Scary for sure.

And we saw lots of different colored starfish.

I love this picture because of their footprints in the sand.

Marlene and JP hanging out up on the rocks.

Marlene has a picture of all of her grandchildren on this rock. Now we have Lily on it too!

I found another Lion’s Mane. This one was quite a bit smaller. If you want to see a huge on that someone else found on Puget Sound in June click HERE. Crazy stuff, right?

This is what our feet look like in the sand.

And this is what our footprints look like.

As I was walking along I kept noticing these little circles in the sand. If you get close to them they spit water at you. I have no idea what they are.

If you touch them they disappear into the sand.

I showed Lily one of them and of course she wanted to dig one up. Gross, right? Does anyone know what they are?

Here is a Jonathan Livingston seagull.

On our walk back we found some of these. Remember blowing and making a wish when you were a kid?

Our legs and feet were super sandy when we got back so we had to play in the hose for a little bit.

Then Marlene let Lily pick some of the beautiful flowers out of the garden.

This picture makes me laugh. Lily looks like a flamingo!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how many daisys there are all over Washington. There are tons and they are all very tall!

Marlene and Lily put the flowers in a vase for everyone to enjoy.

After we got back it was Luau time. Marlene and Bob took us to a Luau at the Camano Island Yacht Club. They even roasted a pig. On the way there Lily asked Bob if there will be an apple in the pigs mouth. This answered her question!

Lily and I pigging out.

Lily and the other girls all showed off their hula hooping skills.

Do you like the stamps they put on mine and JP’s hand when we came in?

Everyone says CHEESE!

After we headed home Bob started a campfire so that we could roast marshmallows and make smores. This is Lily’s second campfire that she can remember, and the first one just happened earlier this summer.

Aren’t we so cute?

Have you ever considered putting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on your smores instead of just chocolate? Thank me later for that one.

One of the best parts about the campfire in the backyard was the view of the water and the beautiful sunset.

But if you asked Lily she would probably say the best part was the giant marshmallows.




4 Comments to “Follow Me To Camano Island”

  1. marlene says:

    There are clams under the bubble in the sand. If you touch it they squirt you!! That’s how you know where to dig. Marlene

  2. Vanessa says:

    Gooey Ducks (sp?). I learned a neat trick with sand. Use baby powder, just shake it on the sand & rub, it comes right off. How was the Reese’s? I still have not tried yet! I’m hoping to on vacation.

  3. Daisy says:

    Ohh I am gonna have to try the baby powder trick… I bet it smells really good too!
    The Reese’s were as good as I thought they would be, SILLY GOOD!

  4. Sarah S. says:

    So glad you liked my updated s’more recipe! Once you go reeces s’more, you don’t go back! LOL

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