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Daisy’s French Toast Kabobs

I was surfing around on line a few days ago and I was  inspired for today’s breakfast. The hardest part about making this breakfast is chopping everything up.

It all looks pretty good, right?

Then you make the French Toast batter. Add the milk, eggs and vanilla. I used buttermilk instead of regular milk this time.  As an after thought I also added cinnamon.

Once the French Toast is cooked add it and all of the fruits to the skewers.

This was a huge hit. Both Lily and JP said they would totally eat this again. The green bowl has real maple syrup that JP likes and the blue bowl has the Aunt Jamima stuff that Lily likes better. I didn’t realize what a big taste difference there is until JP had me buy the real stuff.

Next time I make it I will do a few things different. The recipe said to cut up the bread before dipping it in the batter. I would cook full toasts and cut them up. Also I would figure out a way to keep everything warm before serving them. They toast was getting cold by the time it hit the table but it was still a big hit.

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  1. Mary says:

    They look very delicious!!!

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