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Crossroads Collection & Snowbabies!
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I told you about my adventures in Old Town Spring yesterday so today I am gonna tell you about what I bought! There is a store named Crossroads Collection that makes tea and aromatherapy. My first thought was to look for a tea that I have been wanted for quite a while now. I asked the store owner if she had anything that tasted like Market Spice Tea in Seattle and her eyes lit up. She said she has one that is very similar only it is better and not as oily named Old Town Spice. She gave me a quick sample and I was sold. It tastes kinda orangy and kinda spicey and makes your mouth tingle a little bit… basically it is heaven in a tea cup! I bought a bag of it as well as the brewing basket that she recommended. This morning when I was laying in bed I started thinking about the tea and then I started craving it.

I grabbed a cup and I was ready to roll.

The brewing basket is very convenient you just dump your loose tea in the basket and pour the hot water over it and into your cup. It even has the little arms on it that stops if from bobbing around in the cup.

Once the tea is as strong as you want it you take the basket and set it on the lid which acts as a coaster to catch the excess water.

This tea is so tasty that you don’t even need sugar. I am totally a sugar in my tea kinda girl except for when it comes to this stuff.  Now all I need to do it go online and order more!

My plan for today is to be as lazy as possible and to climb back into bed with this awesomely creepy book. JP wants to know why I am not outside soaking up the sunshine next to the pool… hmm, maybe later!

The other thing I bought yesterday was two Department 56® – Snowbabies. I have told you about for love for these little ones multiple times. I have been told not to buy these on my own because they are suppose to be gifts but I just couldn’t resist. I mean come on!

The name of this one is “Retail Therapy”. Love it!!

And this little one is named “I Don’t Care If They Are Good For Me”. I seriously don’t think anything could be any cuter than this!!

Now they have a new happy home on the shelf near the other ones that JP has bought for me!

So remember kids – If you are ever trying to think of the perfect gift for me… you just found it!


2 Comments to “Crossroads Collection & Snowbabies!”

  1. CoreyJo says:

    Are these all the ones you have? If not you should post a photo of all you have. Just sayin’ for no particular reason. 😉

  2. Daisy says:

    If you do a search for Department 56 you can see all the ones I have!

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