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A Little List Of Thoughts

#1 – I am not sure if you ever click on my other pages above. See the one that says “BofC”? I just updated it today so go ahead and click on it again!

#2 – Yesterday I was on the phone with my brother and he said he was working in Boston, Massachusetts this week. I said something about wanting to go to Massachusetts someday. He said “Well I am actually in Cape Cod” then I said “Wait.. Cape Cod? I thought you said you were in Massachusetts?”… UGH! There was a moment of silence and I said “WAIT…” then we both laughed!

#3 – I want the world to know that JP’s birthday is in 11 days so you better slap a stamp on that card that you bought for him and drop it in the mail!

#4 – I taught Lily how to make a friendship bracelet yesterday using yarn. The problem is now that she has all that yarn she wants me to teach her how to make a scarf and I don’t know how.

#5 – I will also mention that my birthday is in 25 days so it would probably be easiest to just go ahead and mail my birthday card  at the same time. If you send me a card I might or might not post a picture of it on here. I did it last year.. if you don’t remember that please CLICK HERE! Thanks again Vanessa, Marlene, Amanda, Stephanie, Suzie C, & Suzie Z.

#6 – I was in the car this morning and Lily was super excited talking about stuff and totally blah, blah, blah. She was talking so fast and I said “Slow down I can’t understand you when you talk so fast”. UGHH! Do you have ANY idea how many times I heard those same words when I was a kid? I am getting old.

#7 – You know how people say that it is the little things in life that matter? I know that the big things are big but I also believe that the little things can sometimes be big too.

#8 – The heat wave across the US this week is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be… but then again those same people also made a big deal about all that snow last winter, and how bad they wanted summer to come. Think about that one for a second. I mean I have facebook… I know what people are saying!

#9 – Yesterday in the car Lily asked me what my favorite sea animal was. I said “Hmmm my favorite C animal would probably be a cow”. She gave me a funny look and said “That is NOT a sea animal”. I said “Umm…  sure it is, what letter does cow start with?”. She was not as amused as I was!

#10 – JP has been out of town since Sunday and won’t be back until Saturday… I miss him A LOT!

#11 – When I opened my mailbox yesterday there was a manilla envelope addressed to me. Inside was a copy of The Stranger and a handwritten note. This person knows that I use to read this newspaper religiously when I lived in Seattle. I use to commute to work via the bus so reading material was a must. These are the little things that I was talking about! I miss you too! BTW- I think that it’s the matchbook on the cover!!



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  1. Marlene says:

    Hi Rose, Have Lily bring her yarn out here and I’ll teach her to knit a scarf. I loved to knit when I was a kid. Can’t wait to see you!! Marlene

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