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A Day In The Life Of The Domestic Goddess

I have been asked a few times in the last couple months what it is like to not have a job. Sure I might not have a “job” but that does not mean I don’t “work”. The big difference between my old job and new job is that I love love love the new one. I was a little bit nervous at first and not sure how it would go. So far I think it is great and I am sure that if you asked JP he would also say the same thing. I pretty much run this house and it is awesome. I do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and all the stuff in between. It is hard to describe exactly what I do every day but today I will show you a couple hours of my day!

I usually wake up when JP leaves for work. Today I got out of bed around 8:00am. I stripped the sheets off of the bed, picked up things that were laying around, folded and put away some towels, cleaned the coffee pot with vinegar and water, and gathered up JP’s dry cleaning. Then I got myself ready for a couple hours of errands. When JP was leaving this morning I asked him to take my car because I needed a bigger car to get my errands done today. I loaded up the truck with a box to be donated and the dry cleaning that needed to be dropped off.

My first stop was just down the road at the Goodwill Donation Station.

Then I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. I walked around for a little while looking for new dish towels but I didn’t find anything I wanted so I left without buying anything.

After that I headed to Costco. My plan was to stock up on pop for the pantry and see what else they had. I walked around the store for about 30 minutes but nothing really caught my eye so I didn’t end up buying anything.

My next stop was at the grocery store for cleaning products and to figure out what to make for dinner. I ended up stocking up on pop buying lots of cleaning products but I didn’t buy any food. The kid who put my grocerys in the truck told me he is always nervous when he puts people grocerys in the truck bed because he feels like they are gonna fly out. I told him I wasn’t going far and it would be fine.

My very last stop was at the dry cleaner.

I always feel silly walking in there with an arm full of JP’s shirts. I wonder if other people put them in a bag or something? I know I don’t… I just carry them in as a ball of shirts.

Usually I am either dropping off or picking up but this time I did both. There were lots of shirts there waiting for me to pick up.

Finally I head home to put everything away and get ready for JP to get home. I had to take this final picture because it made me laugh when I saw the grocerys after I parked. Nothing flew out of the bed but they were definitely flying around the inside of the bed.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? I seriously mean it when I say that I love love love my new job! I am JP’s Domestic Goddess!!

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  1. CoreyJo says:

    You’re the best domestic goddess!

    p.s. you tie the bags tight once so they don’t spill, and you block them in a corner with heavy stuff.

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