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A Day Of Photos By Lily
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I told you earlier about the experiment I did with Lily today. There were a total of 58 pictures on the camera when I picked her up. I admit that I took a few of them first thing this morning. Here is Lily at SeaWorld this morning when we were waiting for the counselors to show up.

We be chillin!

Those arches you see behind the whales are the front gates to the park.

And then this is when I left Lily at the park to do her thing. There were at least 5 if not more pictures of her feet. I half way blame this on me because have you ever noticed I post pictures of our feet in different places? Here are Lily’s feet at SeaWorld.

I smiled when I saw this one cause we are always taking pictures of palm trees!

This is the water bottle that she has to carry around all week. Obviously this person was not paying attention when they wrote her name. I would say that Lily’s name is spelled wrong at least 80% of the time… it drives me crazy!!! Her name is a simple 4 letters and it’s not like I spelled her name to them over the phone… I signed her up online. Ughhh. I could go on but I won’t.

There we lots of pictures of this little stuffed Shamu whale.

I like this one. Look at all of her summer freckles.

There were lots of pictures of other children and some of the counselors but I don’t know if it is ok to post pictures of them so I’m not going to.  Unfortunately she didn’t take pictures of ANY animals because they were not allowed to carry anything in to those areas. All in all I think she did a great job! Keep watching cause Lily has told us that one day she is gonna have her own website/blog!

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  1. Barb C says:

    What a fun mom you are, Rose! BTW, I have a great-neice named Lily Swanson (It’s actually Lilianna, but she goes by Lily). She turned 12 on 7/22… I just wished her HB via FB last week:).

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