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Where Is Paul Bunyan From?

When we were starting packing up to head out this morning it started raining. The rain pretty much lasted ALL DAY LONG. With the exception of a few breaks.. and I mean a few like 3 or 4 that lasted for a couple minutes. We decided that was not gonna stop us from seeing all of the things we wanted to see outside. We drove about 170 miles today from Tawas City, MI to St Ignace, MI. The map says it takes like 3 hours but it took us a lot longer because we like to stop and see things.

Our first stop was in Tawas City, MI to see a bunch of status outside of the library. Here is Lily and Big Bird.

Me and Tigger.

Lily and Eeyor.

And both of us with Sponge Bob. There was a guy walking past us and he said “Don’t you know it’s raining?” I said “Sure I noticed that but will you take our picture?”.

There were a lot more pictures taken in this yard but to many to post right now. By the time we were done we were both soaking wet!

Our next stop was in Oscoda, MI at Lumber Man’s Monument.

Lily did NOT want to get out of the car because of the rain so I had a stranger take my picture. You can’t really tell but it is raining pretty hard here.

Also in Oscoda, MI was this Paul Bunyan statue. Don’t you wonder where Babe is?

Here is a better look.

We headed north up Hwy 23 along the coast of Lake Huron. The next thing we were in search of was another Paul Bunyan statue. I knew we were getting close so I pulled over to check my iPhone app. When I looked out the window to my left look what I saw!

Here is a better look at Paul. We found them in Ossineke, MI.

And his finally his Ox Babe!

Our next stop was in Alpena, MI where we saw this Eagle Head.

And yup, you guessed it! Another Paul Bunyan. This one is made out of car parts.

I was told by someone along the way that the person who wrote the Paul Bunyan stories lived in Michigan. When I looked it up on Wiki it actually says “The state of Michigan declared Oscoda, Michigan as the official home of Paul Bunyan because it had the earliest documented published stories by MacGillivray. Other towns such as Bemidji, Brainerd, Shelton, and Westwood; Bay City; Wahoo; Eau Claire; and even Bangor also claim the title.” so I am really not sure who to believe!

Our next stop before hitting the Mackinaw Bridge was in Roger City, MI for gasoline and along the way we found this.

Rogers City is the home to the largest limestone quarry in the world. It is amazing how big it is. This picture does it no justice. Did you see the work truck?

Sh0rtly after that we headed over the Mackinaw Brige. This brige is huge, huge, huge. It is the 3rd largest suspension bridge in the world. If it wasn’t pouring down rain, crazy foggy and super scary I would have had a picture of the bridge. I don’t have one but here is a cool picture I found of it online.

Once we made it alive over the bridge and into the Upper Pennisula to be among the “Yoopers”. It was only like 3:00pm but we decided to stop for the day and relax. I am amazed at home cheap the motels are up here. We paid $45 for this room.

The motel is a hop, skip and a jump from the shores of Lake Huron.

The shoreline is very rocky but so pretty.

Here is Lily sitting on a rock finding her zen. It is like 55º, super duper windy and it started raining right after I took this picture.

We headed out to dinner and on our way we stopped to see one more Paul Bunyan. But we didn’t see this one up close because we didn’t want to pay since we had already had our fill of Paul Bunyan!!


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