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The World’s Best Homemade Frosting In The World

Today I made the world’s best frosting in the world and I have to share it with you guys. Earlier I told you about making rainbow cupcakes so I needed something to top them with.

These are the only ingredients you need. Granulated Sugar, Real Butter, Flour, Whole Milk and Vanilla Extract.

First you combine the flour and milk on medium heat in a sauce pan. You have to whisk whisk whisk until you think your arm is going to fall off. After about 5 mins it will suddenly thicken. Once it thickens take it off of the heat and set to the side. It is important that it completely cools before moving forward. I put mine in the fridge to make it cool faster.

While you are waiting for it to cool combine the butter and sugar and mix them until they are fluffy.

Once it’s fluffy add the milk/flour mixture and the vanilla. It is VERY important that the milk/flour mixture is completely cooled or it will melt your butter and you will have a disaster.

Then mix it again for a long time. At first it just looks like a big gooey mess but eventually something magical will happen and it will turn into the consistency of whipped cream. YES, whipped cream! Sooooo smooth, soooo delicious!

And SOOOO kid approved! Just for fun I added food coloring to give the frosting a purple tint!

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