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How We Spent Our Last Day of Vacation

We spent our last full day of vacation with my sister Vanessa and her family. I was trying to decide between a few different things to do but eventually chose Greenfield Village which is next to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. What is it you ask? This is what wikipedia says:

The Henry Ford is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in America. Patrons enter at the gate, passing by the Josephine Ford Memorial Fountain and Benson Ford Research Center. Nearly one hundred historical buildings were moved to the property from their original locations and arranged in a “village” setting. The museum’s intent is to show how Americans lived and worked since the founding of the country. The Village includes buildings from the 17th century to the present, many of which are staffed by costumed interpreters who conduct period tasks like farming, sewing and cooking. A collection of craft buildings such as pottery, glass-blowing, and tin shops provide demonstrations while producing materials used in the Village and for sale. Greenfield Village has 240 acres (970,000 m²) of land of which only 90 acres (360,000 m²) are used for the attraction, the rest being forest, river and extra pasture for the sheep and horses.

The transportation system provides rides by horse-drawn omnibus, steam locomotive, a 1931 Model AA bus (one of about 15 known to exist), and authentic Ford Model Ts. Steam locomotives in operation include the Torch Lake, an 1873 0-6-4 Mason Bogie which is one of the oldest operating steam locomotives in the U.S., and the Edison, a Davenport 0-4-0 rebuilt into a 4-4-0 by Ford. The railroad, unusually for a heritage railway, has a direct connection to Amtrak.

Vanessa made out with this decision because kids 4 and under are free. All three of her kids are 4 or under so all she had to pay for was herself. When you buy your tickets to get in if you pay $10 more you get to ride any of the “rides” for free. Not exactly knowing what the rides where we bought into it and so did Vanessa. Here are the wrist bands showing we paid for the rides.

Here we all are hanging out near the front gate of the park.

The first thing we did was get on the train.

Here are the girls waiting for it to take off.

At first Cael didn’t care or know we were on a train so he was happy!

Say cheese Vanessa.

That was probably the last smile we got from Vanessa because Cael cried almost the entire time. Literally cried.. and cried.. and cried. Yup we were those people.. the ones with the crying baby. To break it down Cael does not like trains. Here is a picture Lily got of me and Cael while the train was stopped.

As you walk around there are lots of signs telling you what the different buildings are and some signs with quote on them. This was my favorite quote I saw all day.

The next thing we did was ride the 1913 carousel.

Lily went around and around.

Do you see Isabel, Vanessa & Sofia?

As you can see Vanessa LOVED this ride!

There was so much to see.

This is an old fashion game that Lily played. You had to use a string to spin a top and the top knocked down these pin like things with points underneath them. Do you see Lily’s spinning top?

Sofia, Lily and Isabel in front of a log cabin.

When we were inside the cabin both Lily and Isabel recognized the spinning wheel as the thing that Sleeping Beauty touched before she fell asleep. Nice!

The girls loved to watch the old time singers. We saw them perform two times.

The next thing we did was go into the school house.

We had the teacher take our picture.

I love this picture of Lily taking care of her cousins.

They were all adament that we stop to watch the puppet show.

This picture is pretty tricky because they both look happy, right?

Here I go again taking pictures of my shadow. Don’t we look like ghosts?

This is what I call a labor of love. Pull Isabel pull!

Lily’s exact words before I took this one was “Take a picture of me with these cars and send it to JP”. Ohhh so sweet, I think she was missing him.

Lily did a souvenir penny thing.

After we were all worn out we headed back to Vanessa’s house and she started dinner. We had a delicious cobb salad. Sooo good! After dinner we headed out to the backyard and Sarah and Vanessa wanted to go for a swing.

Here is Sarah, Vanessa and I saying CHEERS!

This was the perfect way to spend our last day of vacation.



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