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Heading North – Looking For Adventure!

We left Vanessa’s house this morning and headed north on Hwy 23/I-75. The town that we had in mind to stop at for the night is less than 3 hours away so we were not really in a big hurry to get there.

Our first stop was in Flint, MI. If you know anything about Michigan you are probably wondering why we stopped in Flint? We stopped to see a statue I read about on roadsideamerica.com. They call it “Muffler Man – Happy Halfwit”. Not only was the neighborhood kinda shady but the statue was kinda scary. I actually text a picture to JP and he responded with “Could that be any creepier?”.

I have no idea what a Muffler Man or a Happy Halfwit is?

Our next stop was in Frankenmuth, MI because we saw a sign for Bronner’s and just couldn’t resist. Bronner’s is the worlds largest Christmas store.

Sure its June, but did you know that it is open 361 days a year?

They have lots of cool decorations in their parking lot.

It is like Christmas every single day there.

Once we were inside we were truly amazed.

Everything you think would be in there is in there. And the store is HUGE!

There are things floor to ceiling to look at and pretty much everything is for sale. Even these reindeer.

Check out this huge ornament.

They even have Halloween ornaments.

And LOTS of Santas.

Once we had enough we headed back out to the car. Look at the snowflakes in the parking lot.

And we saw a few more statues we had to take pictures with. Lily loves penguins.

And I have a thing for snowmen.

Then we hit the road for Tawas City, MI. We were about 20 miles away and we saw a road that we thought might lead us to Lake Huron.  At the end off the road was this sign and we thought for sure we found a beach.

Looks like a beach to me! But we were wrong. This path actually ends just beyond what you can see right here.

So we got back in the car and headed to Tawas. We saw a lot of cabin type motels along Lake Huron so I let Lily pick which one to stay at. She totally loved The Tawas Inn Resort when she saw these cute little cabins.

We went into the office and the lady told us that they were $75 a night and we were sold! Then she said for $10 more we can stay right on the water in the duplex. We ended up chosing the duplex since it was directly on the water. This is what it looks like from the back. That is our rental car parked right at the door.

When you walk in there is a full kitchen and a bathroom off to the right. Then a bedroom with a queen sized bed. And then a living room and a little further is a sun porch. This is what it looks like when you look out the window on the sun porch. That is Lake Huron in front of us. We love it!

Most of Lake Huron is rocky but we were are lucky enough to have a little bit of beach in front of our room below the deck.

Guess who is on my mind?

Here I am blowing a kiss of rocks. I taught Lily to skip rocks today and she beat me with a rock that made 5 skips!

There is even a teatherball in the back by the swingset. Me and LIly played a bunch of games of this. We laughed the whole time. We were actually laughing so loud that the owner came down to tell us how much she loved hearing Lily’s laughter. She also told us we are the only people staying in this motel tonight.

We can see a lighthouse across the water so we wanted to venture out and see it up close. After asking around we learned we needed to go to Tawas Point. When we pulled up to the State Park office thing I asked the girl how much it costs to go to the park. She asked me when our car tabs come up for renewal. I told her we are from out of state. Then she asked what state the license plates are on the car. I told her I thought they were Michigan. She went around the car and then came back to the window and told me that rental cars get a grace period. Hmm.. OK!

No hunting or trapping in the State Park.

This is a pretty interesting sign about migration and natural selection.

Here is the lighthouse that we can see from our motel.

Important Bird area!

Quick geography lesson. The “A” is where we are at tonight! The grey line that you see is where Canadian waters start.





4 Comments to “Heading North – Looking For Adventure!”

  1. Marlene says:

    We looked at condos ion Lake Huron when we lived in MI. I loved the area. We took Shelby and Mackenzie to sleeping Bear Dunes one summer, we rented a little cabin, I think it was on highway 22. The cabin was really cute and it came with a row boat to go out on the little lake that we were on. It also had badminton, basketball court and swings. We wern’t far from the dunes which Shelby loved to climb. Mackenzie was too young at the time. We also went to Traverse City on the same trip and rented a cabin on the north side of Traverse City, it had cooking facilities and a loft for the kids to sleep in. I also love Lake Superior, you feel like you’re back in time, like from the shores of Gitchee Goomee(sp) I envy you, it sound like great fun!!! Marlene

  2. ExExZonie says:

    I stopped by after a random search for half-wit muffler man – your site is really fun, and I especially liked the remark from the owner that she liked your daughter Lily’s laughter. Sometimes life is too complicated and trips like this remind you of the basics. It makes me want to go there!

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