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Good Looking, Talented and… HANDY!

A couple weeks ago I was going through a box of stuff and I found a cute little toy cabinet with a penguin on it. When I first saw it I knew exactly what it was but I wondered what I could possibly do with it. It is not very big… actually it is quite small. Then a little while later I was standing in my bathroom and it came to me. Today I finally took the time to put it up.

This is what it looks like on the inside. It’s really only good for very small bottles and jars. Regardless, I find it adorable.

Here is the before picture of where I put it.

And the after.

Did you notice the umbrella painting on the wall? I almost forgot to mention that I changed it’s frame today. I love love love this painting. Here is the frame it has been in for the last 5 years. If you go back and look at the picture above you will see that I put it in a red frame. I like it much better!

I will tell you a story about it. When I lived in Seattle I worked in a high-rise building in downtown Seattle near the famed Pike Place Market. Everyday when I got off of the bus to downtown I would walk past lots of pan-handlers and a few people selling things. I walked past a guy selling paintings a bunch of times until that painting caught my eye. The one I noticed was actually much larger but much more expensive so I bought the smaller less expensive one. When I was moving from Seattle and getting rid of almost everything I owned this is one of the few things I kept. After I moved here I totally regretted not spending the extra money and buying the bigger version of it. I mentioned it to a few different people and told them if they every saw that guy I really wanted a larger size of the painting. It took a couple years and I had almost forgotten about it when one day I got a phone call from Stephanie telling me that she had a present for me. As luck would have it I was going to be in Seattle just a few weeks after her call and I was going to be driving from Seattle to San Antonio with JP. Perfect, right? Now that we live in the house we are going to be in for awhile I intend on getting the painting framed and finding the perfect place on the wall for it. If you have ever been in downtown Seattle on a cold rainy weekday you have probably seen  this painting happening in real life. There are daycares downtown that take the children for a walk and they keep them together by having the children hold on to a rope.

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