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Daisy’s Eggs Nests & Golden Kiss

A couple weeks ago I was making breakfast and I had the idea to try something new. This seems somewhat familiar so I may have had this as a child but I am not sure. Regardless I have since named it “Daisy’s Eggs Nests”. I made it again today and based on what I learned last time it was a lot easier this time.

It is pretty simple and tastes delicious. All you need is a loaf of bread, eggs, butter and a glass.

The first thing you do is use the cup to cut the center out of the bread.

Pretty simple and it only takes a couple minutes.

Then I buttered the pan a little bit and put in one piece of the bread. Crack the egg directly in the middle, and add a tiny sprinkle of water, salt and pepper. I used a really low setting so that the egg would not over cook.

I covered it with a lid for about a minute.

And flipped it over.

Don’t forget about the center of the bread. Just slap a little bit of butter on each side. and toss it in the pan to toast it slightly. Make sure to toast both sides.

When we were in the grocery store we saw a fruit named Golden Kiss and decided to give it a try.  At first we thought it was cantelope but it has those dark lines on it so we knew it couldn’t be. How can you not want to try something new?

I looked it up online and the description says This delectable new hybrid of Galia and Charentais melons features a striking gold-green ridged netting with sutures, a bright orange flesh with small seed cavity. Golden Kiss® has a very juicy, somewhat tender flesh with a mild melon flavor and a clean, sweet finish and hints of pear and Galia melon.” Once JP cut it open it sure looked like a cantelope only darker.

If we didn’t know any better in a taste test we would have told you this was cantelope only a little bit sweeter.

My favorite part just might be the circles of bread.

I think this is might be JP’s new favorite breakfast!

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  1. Leanne says:

    I make the “egg in toast” breakfasts too. I sprinkle Bacon Hickory Smoked salt on them, They are AWESOME!

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