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A Trip To Hell… And Back

After breakfast Me, Vanessa, Lily, Isabel and Sofia headed out for a little trip to Hell. I downloaded a pretty cool iPhone app named Roadside America. The app locates me on the map and tells me what strange and offbeat things that are near by. The first place we stopped was The Shoe Tree which was about 5 miles away in Salem, MI. It has the classic urban legend that all shoe trees have about the child killer. There were TONS of shoes in this tree and they were kinda hard to photograph. If you click on the picture below to make it bigger you will see just how many shoes I am talking about.

It was down Spencer Road right before a big curve in the road before 7 Mile Road.

Pretty cool but also kinda creepy because the child killing urban legend had to start somewhere, right?

Our next stop was about 10 miles away in Dexter, MI. This one doesn’t really have a name but on the app they called it “Strange Sculpture Procession” someone else named it “Procession To Hell” since the town of Hell is not that far away.

It is kinda weird and pretty creepy. No one seems to know the history of what it is or why it is there. Here is a closer look.

This will give you an idea of how tall it is. Vaness is about 5’6″ tall.

If you stand next to the tallest one and look into the woods you see this.

Kinda creepy, right? We just had to go in for a closer look.

What I don’t understand is how a cemetery gets abandoned, and why all of the grave stones are so close together?

They are all from the 1800’s.

I like Rosetta’s name!

A lot of them have the last name of Pacey.

I did a little digging on the internet and learned this cemetery is named Phelps Burying Ground. I added the tombstone pictures that I took to findagrave.com

There were a few stones lodged into the ground mostly buried.

This is the view walking back from the cemetery to the white sculpture thing.

Our final stop was Hell, MI which was another 10 miles down the road.

There are a bunch of jokes you can make about being in Hell.

Or going through Hell.

Check out my Lil Devil.

There was even a snowman in Hell.

And I always love the directional signs.

What’s funny about this one is on the way to Hell I had asked Lily if she ever heard of Bigfoot and she has. I told her that the original bigfoot is said to be in Northern Michigan.

Your fun fact for the day.

Pretty scary little girl, huh?

Look at these monkeys.

And these are just as scary as Hell.

I think I saw the devil.

We went into Screams.

The short ones went into the lil’ devil’s door.

I love tourist traps.

And all the weird stuff they have inside of them.

We all had delicious ice cream! Check out this table that we sat at.

Do you see the Hell Hole?

It is amazingly hard to get a photo of Sofia with her eyes open.

This made me laugh “Michigan Roads Suck”.

Here is Isabel chilling out on a rock.

This is the last sign I saw on the way out of Hell. I actually had Vanessa stop and turn around so we could get this one.

Now we can officially say we have been to Hell… and back!


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  1. JP says:

    I’m surprised that they let you come back from Hell, didn’t they make you their honorary Queen??

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