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Vacation Time Kids!

Today we packed up our stuff and headed to the beach for a long weekend of fun in the sun. We are renting a condo down on the Gulf of Mexico on Mustang Island in Port Aransas, TX. Our condo is full water view and only steps from the beach! We are sharing the condo with my dear friend Shauna, her husband Brandon, her son Gage, and the twins Jaxx and Parker. We got there and checked in and then everyone else showed up.

Here is Lily and Jaxx.

Look at Parker. So stinkin cute!

Jaxx is always looking for his next adventure.

We went to dinner at a restaurant named Moby Dicks. Cause we gotta eat!

Lily must have been telling a pretty good story.

Of course we had to have oysters! Do you see Shauna in the background of this picture?

Smile kids!

After we left the restaurant we all headed to the grocery store to buy stuff for breakfast and snacks for the beach. While we were there Lily had to go to the bathroom so I walked her in there. My daughter has no fear (and is kinda gross) and totally picked up the cockroach she found. YUCK!!


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  1. Vanesssa says:

    YUCK!! You should not let her pick those up. I’m so grossed out! Shauna’s twins are so cute. How old are they?

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