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Some Beach, Somewhere

One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is hang out at the beach. I don’t mind the fact that sand gets everywhere or that it there is a chance of getting bitten by pretty much anything in the water, I still love it. That was the plan for today… hang out on the Gulf of Mexico. Before we left the condo I checked and the weather was forcasted at 90º and the water temperature was at 85º.

Here is our base camp. Pretty nifty tent thing, huh? We don’t usually use one of these but since we have small children on this trip it is necessary.

Here is Lily before she got in the water for the first time.

Look what Lily wrote in the sand. I love how I am mentioned two times!

And check out this Man-O-War. YUCK!

Brandon took some time to play with the birds.

Check me out! JP was trying to get in my self portrait.

Lily and JP say cheese.

Parker didn’t want anything to do with the sand or the water. She sat in that same chair for like 4 hours. She would move around on the chair and look at what people were doing but she had no plan to get out of the chair. I have never seen a toddler sit in the same spot like that ever.

After awhile we were all hungry so me and JP made a pizza run. Lily had 4 pieces!

Jaxx really likes having his picture taken.

This is one that Shauna snapped of JP, Lily and I going out for a swim.

After putting in some serious beach time it was time to wrap it up and go back to the condo.





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  1. Vanesssa says:

    That looks like heaven. I’m so looking forward to hanging out at the beach for a week this summer!

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