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Reading Is Sexy!
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I’m pretty sure that I have told you guys this before but I am gonna say it again – I totally think JP is the smartest person I know. He knows a lotta stuff about a lotta stuff. I am always asking him questions and in turn I am constantly learning from him. If you have spent any amount of time hanging out with him you also know what I am talking about. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with how much he reads. Did you know that in high school he worked at a book store? He is a total book worm and is always reading in his down time. I would estimate that he reads a minimum of one book per weeks, sometimes more. When we go to Barnes & Noble we usually start by grabbing a coffee, then we head off in different directions to figure out what books we want. After we pick out a few books we find each other again. Nothing is worse than going to a book store with someone who follows you around the store or worse sits and stares out the window. Seriously, I think someone who doesn’t read books is weird!

Yesterday I told you about the boxes and boxes of books upstairs. Well I finally got them all out and into stacks! 

 The only thing left to do is get them on the book shelves (that don’t quite exist yet).

These pictures don’t really show just how many books we have. Here is the picture that I texted a few of my friends from my phone. Anyone who has been to our house knows that this is a HUGE change from what this room looked like before. The door that you see is the door that takes you outside on our upper deck.

As I was pulling things out of boxes I found a bunch of cool stuff and I also learned a few things. Did you know that the Rolling Stone use to be on newsprint and not the magazine print that we see it on today? Per wikipedia “The first publications 1967-72, were folded tabloid newspaper format, no staples with black ink text, and a single color highlight that changed each edition“. These are my favorite 4 that I found in the stack. The John Lennon and Elton John are from 1971 and Three Dog Night and Jane Fonda are from 1972.

Speaking of smart do you know what a three dog night is? I do thanks to JP!

I totally plan on reading through these once this room is complete.

Our plan for this room is to have book shelves covering almost every wall. Then a large screen tv mounted on one of the walls for video game and movie time! Should be pretty cool when we are done!

And one last thing I want to share with you. Look at this ticket stubb that I found in one of the boxes. JP saw the Seattle Mariners versus New York Yankees  on May 12, 1977. I looked it up and found that the Mariners won this game 8-6! And JP was among the 42,132 people to attend this game!

2 Comments to “Reading Is Sexy!”

  1. Rich says:

    He is like Mom always reading and had no time to take care of us kids.

  2. Beth says:

    I have been watching & waiting to see what you were doing with the blog, it looked under construction.. I like, looks very, come to Texas & get a TAN Beth :)
    OK, holy books, & 2nd, I love u, u crack me up & make me smile.. Love the last part about the tix stub! Ur such a smart cookie!

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