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How To Get The Coffee Out

We have a bunch of quilts in our house. I would say at least a dozen of them. Nice, heavy, thick quilts. I am not sure where they are all from but I know that most of them are antique, some are Amish and at least one of them was made by JP’s grandma. JP told me a long time ago that we can’t wash any of them in the washing machine. For my entire life I have avoided buying anything that says “dry clean only” or “handwash only”.

Today I spilled a cup of coffee on the quilt that was on our bed. I stood there looking at it not knowing what to do. I mean its not like you can blot out a huge coffee stain.

Then I suddenly had a thought. Did you know that on our washing machine there is a “hand wash” setting?

So with no other good ideas I decided to see what would happen if I put the quilt in there.

I even have some fancy detergent for it!

When I pulled the quilt out of the machine it was still in one piece (THANK GOD!) and it smelled so good. I went upstairs and hung it over the railing to let it dry. The next big question is what will JP say? 

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  1. Vanesssa says:

    Did you have a backup plan? I still have not washed Isabel’s baptism dress, Cael’s Halloween Costume or Cael’s baptism outfit because they need to be handwashed! I guess I need a new washer with that setting.

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