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Happy Anniversary To Me!
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Today is my 1 year anniversary of being cigarette free! I truly believe that I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. I still like telling people that I use to smoke, because I feel so proud of myself for stopping. It is hard to believe that I did it for so long! WOW and GROSS! When I look back over the last year there are a few things about not smoking that really made an impression on me.

#1 – Just a couple days after I quit smoking I was sitting at work and I kept smelling something that smelled really good. It smelled really clean and I liked it. It took me like half of the day to realize that it was me that I was smelling. Ever since that day I have become very aware of the smell of my laundry detergent, my deodorant, my body washes, my perfumes… ANYTHING that makes me smell good! I love it. Actually as I was typing this I smelled my tank top, and I totally smell good!

#2 – When I think about the amount of time it takes to smoke one cigarette it doesn’t seem like very long, right? WRONG. I noticed that right away after quitting smoking. I would guess that the average smoker probably takes about 10 minutes to smoke. That is if you count from the moment they decided it is time to smoke, to when they find their cigs, and their lighter,  finally get outside to light up, smoke, put it out, and finally walk back inside. If this number is true and you smoke a pack a day then that is like 3 hours worth of smoking per day. I have some friends that smoke and now it annoys me when we are out in public together and they say something like “I’ll be right back” and they are gone for 5-10 minutes to smoke then they come back and they stink. Or even worse is when they can smoke inside of a building and I end up walking out smelling like an ashtray. I don’t give people a hard time for smoking, heck I barely even mention it but when I do I usually say something like “Hey didn’t you hear it’s not cool to smoke anymore?”.

#3- It is expensive. Let’s just say that a pack of cigarettes cost $5.00 (I think in most places it is actually more than that). Let’s say you smoke 1 pack a day. In 1 year you are going to spend a minimum of $1,825.00, I can think of a lot of things I would rather spend that money on! Not to mention the fact that since you are not going into gas stations and convenient stores as often as before you are not tempted to spend money on other things. Like how often would I go in and buy just a pack of cigarettes. It was usually a pack of cigarettes and a drink, or a pack of cigarettes and some gum, you get the idea.

#4 – My health is something I should talk about but I am not going to. That is all pretty obvious. People say that you gain weight after you quit smoking… it’s true. I have gained at least 15 pounds.  But don’t worry my friends I am going to work on that.

#5 – It is/was messy. Sure people put their cigarette butts out in an ashtray but sometimes they seem to be out of the ashtray. Not to long ago we had some people over who smoked cigarettes. Did you know that up to a week later I was still finding butts in our backyard? One day me and JP were outside spraying down the pool area and sidewalks and I picked up 5 butts. Actually as I type I know that there is a cigarette butt that I noticed the other day as I was getting in the car that is sitting in the corner of our garage. You might be thinking that they probably couldn’t find an ashtray but I actually have an ashtray on my back porch for that exact reason. Every once in awhile JP enjoys a cigar so on the back deck we keep an ashtray below the shelf with the radio on it. Not to hate on the smokers of the world… but if you are going to smoke cigarettes in my yard please clean up after yourself.

Ok, with that all being said… I am proud to say that I am a NOT A SMOKER!

3 Comments to “Happy Anniversary To Me!”

  1. JP says:

    Congratulations! Hard to believe it has been a year already… And, BTW, you *do* smell really good!

  2. Vanesssa says:

    Congrat’s on your one year anniversary! The cig butt thing is so annoying, I recently noticed some around our house and none of us have EVER smoked.

  3. Rich says:

    Why do smokers think the whole earth is a big ashtray. Like it is their god given right to spread cig butts with impunity. When ever you see a fire along a road it was caused by a cig. Our Dad even burnt up a work car in Dallas throwing a cigarette out the window. It came back in the rear window and caught the rear seat on fire.

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