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What’s Your Favorite Deodorant?

I read not to long ago that there are people who don’t wear deodorant. Can you believe it? I can’t imagine going one day without deodorant much less never wearing it. I have been trying a few different deodorants over the last year or so and these are the ones that I wear the most. The funny thing is that they are all different. The Origins deodorant is a pump spray and it works really well but I don’t really like the lavender smell associated with it. The Este Lauder roll-on works really well for about 9 hours then you have to reapply it. It however has a great smell so I don’t mind it. And the one in the middle is the amazing grace that I bought today. I will be sure to report back to you in a couple months about it!

What I am wondering is what deodorant other women wear? If you send me a picture of your deodorant bottle I would happily add it to this posting!

2 Comments to “What’s Your Favorite Deodorant?”

  1. Vanesssa says:

    I switch between Dove and Secret.

  2. i actually didn’t wear deodarant for over a decade Rosie!! Then I had the twins & my body FREAKED out. So now I too wear it. Secret or Degree 4 me.

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