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We Were Dyeing!

What would an Easter weekend be without dyeing some eggs? Remember that dye I showed you the other day? Today was the day! While I was at work Lily and Amanda boiled up every egg that I had in the house. She made a comment that was something like “This is the least amount of eggs I have ever seen anyone dye”. Sure there were only 14 of them but I am not even sure those will get eaten. Here are the hard boiled eggs all ready to be dyed.

Me and Amanda set everything out before I called the kids downstairs. This is the official workstation.

I am not sure how or why this happen but the red did not take. The blue, green, purple, and yellow did fine… but the red not so much.

Naturally my daughter goes for the non working red first.

I have no idea how this happen. It was made exactly the same as all the others.

She looks so serious.

This is pure colorful fun!

Cameron liked dyeing them better than painting them.

Here is one that I sponged.

Ta-da! 13 of the eggs made it through the whole process! We started with 14 but one of them got dropped.

Happy Easter from www.curiousdaisy.com

Then it was time for clean up. Regardless of how careful you are it seems like you always get dye on your fingers. Lily was washing her hands and said “Mom, it’s not coming off”. I just laughed and told her it eventually would.

Cameron’s little fingers got all colored up too.

I had a moment today when I was cleaning up. I remembered how when I was little I always liked to pour the unused dye down the drain because of the color of it. In the cup it is so dark but when you pour it in the sink you really get to see the true colors.

Every year Lily spends Easter Day with her Dad’s family. They have a tradition of church and such so I don’t mind at all. Tomorrow morning when Lily wakes up the Easter Bunny will have came to our house and then in the early evening I will take her to her Dad and Sunday morning she will get to do it all over again with her other family.

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  1. Vanesssa says:

    Did you add vinegar to your cups? You aren’t suppose to add vinegar to the red one.

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