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The Cons of Quitting Smoking

I have told you guys a bunch of times that in May it will be one year since I quit smoking. There are so many great things about quitting. I could make a huge list of the pros but you never hear anyone talk about the cons. When I smoked I would always go out in the backyard at home. When I was out there smoking I would usually mess with my plants. I would water them, weed them, etc all while smoking. Now that I don’t smoke my plants have suffered miserably. Although I took these pictures on Saturday I wanted to share them with you today. I decided it was time to take care of them again. This is what our back deck looked like on Saturday morning. Do you notice all the yucky pollen? It looks like dust, huh?

And a close up.

Me and Lily jumped in the truck and headed down to Lowes to find some new flowers and plants for the planters.

I have a lot of favorites but I think the Daisys are my favorite!

And they hang in a really cool spot in the yard.

Did you know that when you get a new plant you can tell within 24 hours if it is happy where you put it. If 24 hours later the plant does not look perky then move it to a different spot in the room (or on the deck). I taught Lily why its important and how to trim the dead leaves off of plants.

By the time we were done she was saying she had a green thumb.

I can hardly wait for this guy to bloom!

This is what you see now when you sit on the swing. So much better!!

I love them!

4 Comments to “The Cons of Quitting Smoking”

  1. Jess says:

    I’m glad you’re finding a new way to enjoy your patio! I still haven’t been able to ditch the “well, I’m sitting on the porch, where’s my cig?!” feeling. You give me hope! Congrats on a year!

  2. Amanda says:

    My quit date is less than a week away! By the time I get to SA I will be a NON-SMOKER!!!

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