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It’s Like A Jungle Out There!

We have gotten some quotes from landscapers to do our backyard because it is so big and crazy. There are leaves and pollen all over the place. There are also way overgrown trees and plants that need to be trimmed back. Well two quotes from landscapers later we have decided that we should keep the $1,500 and do it ourselves.

Last weekend when Lily and I did all of the container planting I told her that it was her chore to keep everything watered especially the fruits/vegetables that we planted. That is the first thing she did when we got home today. Our very first tomato is stating to grow! Do you see it?

Lily was soo excited when she saw that. We sat there for a little while staring at it. Then she decided we should buy another big planter like that one and we should plant more tomatoes! I am almost certain this is the first thing she has ever grown.

After we did that I had her clean out the skimmer basket in the pool. This has been a daily chore for the last couple weeks because of all of the pollen falling out of the trees. Do you see that big brown pile of pollen stuff? Pretty nasty if you ask me! I am actually surprised at how small the pile looks in the picture compared to when you see it in person.

The next thing we did was  sweep and spray the entire pool area with water to get the leaves and pollen under control. Once it was all on the sidewalk we made a big pile. Can you believe how much there is! This is a solid two hours of work.

When Lily asked me what we are gonna do with the pile I just shrugged my shoulders and told her we would let JP worry about that.

I still need to do a little more internet research about how to trim back a rose bush. We have like 5 of them in our yard and they are all out of control. This sucker is all crazy and grown out way more than it is suppose to be. Does anyone have any advice for me so that I don’t kill them when I trim them?

For those of you guys that don’t know Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas. When we were buying our flowers this weekend it was very important to Lily that we get them. I ended up putting them in two pots because the plant was so healthy. They just bloomed today because when I looked at them yesterday they were still green.

I’ll take a picture once they bloom a little bit more. Kinda pretty though, right?

Remember the Daisys that we planted the other day? Look how happy they are in their new pot!


Hello Spring! 


2 Comments to “It’s Like A Jungle Out There!”

  1. Jess says:

    So much fun! Gardening is always so rewarding!

  2. Vanessa says:

    SOOO jealous, can’t wait to get outside. We are doing a big vegatable garden this year and have seeds started. Right now I’m constintly moving them from my kitchen table to the counter. It will be so nice when I can put them outside!

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