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Timeless Thursday

I am fascinated with black and white photos. I think they are so beautiful. Imagine a time when television was just invented, people read colorless printed newspapers, everyone smoked cigarettes, and family was what mattered most. I think what I like most is when you look at the pictures you look at their faces not at the bright colors around them like in color photos. Can you imagine the reaction if you had told them that dozens of years later I will be scanning and posting these photos on my website on a thing called the Internet…

I went through my boxes of photos today and pulled out all of the black and whites that I could find.

Here is my Mom as a baby.

Here is toddler picture of my mother. My grandmother is named Lillian and my grandfather is Humphrey. I assume this picture was taken in Chicago, IL.


This is my mother’s First Communion picture.

This is my mother’s brother Lawrence.

I am cheating a little bit here because this is a picture of me. Do you see the similarities? There is no date on the photo but I am guessing I am maybe 4 or 5?

Here is a series of photos I f0und of my mother. She is wearing different outfits and her hair is different but they must have all been developed at the same time because they are all dated October 1957.

Here is my Mom at what looks like might be a party or something. Everyone always looked so nice back then. You never see black and white photos of people with messy hair or dirty clothing. When Lily saw these she thought it was me.

Here is what looks like a mug shot of my Dad. When Lily saw this picture she immediately thought it was my oldest brother Richard.

And now for the wedding photos. I have posted this picture before but here goes again. Here is my mother and father on their wedding day in 1961.

I will start with my father’s side of the family. Here are my father’s parents Walter and Wanda.

And Walter’s parents Joseph and Mary.

And Wanda’s parents Frank and Josephine.

And now for my mother’s side.

Here are my mother’s parents Humphrey and Lillian.

And Humphrey’s parents John and Helen.

And Lillian’s parents Joseph and Harriet.

Pretty cool if you ask me!

2 Comments to “Timeless Thursday”

  1. Joy says:

    It’s not Humphrey. It’s Hippolyte. He was born on St. Hippolyte Day and the tradition was to name the child the saint on whose day it was or closest to.

  2. Beth Knox says:

    Rose, thanks for sharing, that was so awesome! Ur mothers eyes are so distinctive, when I opened the blog and saw the initial pick, I knew who it was……….. Love u!

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