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Not Them Again

In the past I have told you guys a lot about my softball teams. I post a lot of team pictures but I never really post any action shots. If action shots are what you have been waiting for today is your lucky day! We have played our asses off every week for the last 6 weeks and our final season record was 4-2. Since we were ranked within the top teams week 7 is a single elimination play-off bracket to determine the season champion. Best case scenario we win 2 games in a row and game 3 will be the Championship!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the entire bunch. Check out Rickey!

And here I am at 2nd. Do you see Michael at 1st? Any time it is time to run to a new base I have Speedy Gonzales behind me chasing me home.

Michael had to run for this bad boy but totally caught it. Check this out!

I am not sure what is happening here but both me and the umpire seem very interested… the batter not so much.

And here is Jimmy being a ball hog. Mel calls “Got It” and Jimmy decided her “Got It” wasn’t enough. My favorite part of this picture is that Addison looks like he is about to fall over.

Here we are in the dugout. Me and my motley crew.

Here is a little more action shot action. This dude bunted the ball, I picked it up…

And threw him out to Rickey at first base!

Jason is about to crank it way out there!

Don’t we look like the “Young Guns”?

Since this season is over today this is our final team picture of the season.

After playing 3 games today we ended up taking 2nd place. This is what the final bracket looks like.

Don’t worry though… we are starting a new season in a couple weeks! So STAY TUNED!

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