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Love’s Science Experiment

Remember those heart shaped balloons I told you about a few times last month? They are still floating all in lots of different cubicles at my work. Today I decided it was time to take down the ones at my desk. They were all floating and I felt bad just popping them and throwing them away so I decided to do a little science experiment. The following is the exact text conversation and photos between me and JP when I started the experiement.

Me: I cut a hole in the bottom of each of my heart balloons today at 2:11. How long do you think they will keep floating?♥

Me:27 mins for the first two to come down.

Me: 35 mins.

JP: Still going?

Me: There is one still floating at 3:05.

JP: Jonathan Livingston Balloon

Me: Fly little balloon fly proud! ♥

Me: 1 hour

JP: Go little balloon, go!

Me: He’s done.


I have concluded that if you cut a hole in 6 of your red valentine mylar balloons 19 days after they were filled with helium it will take 1 hour and 2 minutes for all of them to stop floating.

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  2. Vanessa says:

    CUte. I need to read that book again…it’s one of my favorites.

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