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I ♥ Kitchen Stuff

Ever since I took more of an interest in the kitchen I have taken more of an interest in kitchen stuff. I told JP a while ago that I wanted a food processor but I have yet to be cooking and say to myself “I wish I had a food processor”. I guess I don’t really need one, huh? I did however buy the two cutest kitchen things today and I totally want to talk about them.

Everyone should know by now that I love anything that has ladybugs on it (and that I have a ladybug tattoo on my foot). Check out this little guy! Can you guess what he is used for?

That’s right! She’s a scrub brush for the dishes! And he even has his own leaf to sit in.

And I love love love these measuring spoons.

Last time I bought super cute measuring spoons my sister Vanessa made a comment on them being pretty but maybe hard to use… she was right! She was right. Did you just read that Vanessa?? I totally admit you are right!!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    LOL – Glad I went back to this post. That stinks that they don’t work that well.

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