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Fill Er Up
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Today when we got home from work/school JP was already there. He had already started dinner and was out working on the pool. Not to shabby, eh? It took maybe 5 minutes for Lily’s friend Cameron to show up. As soon as they walked out in the backyard I handed them brooms and put them to work sweeping the leaves into one pile. Nothing really tops the novelty of an empty swimming pool.

JP was working on getting the very last bit of leaves and nasty water out.

Once it was done I had to get my picture taken. It will be a very long time until we empty this pool again.



Then started the process of filling the pool back up again.

We took a break for awhile to eat dinner. JP made a wondeful dinner, complete with a bottle of Washington wine.

He even made sure Lily had a little bit of sparking wine of her own.

After dinner I went outside to check on the pool. This is one hour worth of water. I learned today why pool water always appears to be blue. Do you know why?

And of course when you are 8 you can’t resist playing with the hose!

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  1. Jess says:

    I don’t know, why? I looove the chlorine smell, is that why?

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