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Can I Get Some Sympathy?

When you are a kid and you fall and scrape your knee it’s only a big deal for a couple minutes. When your an adult and something like that happens you feel it for at least a couple hours… sometimes days. Remember back on July 10th when I got hit by a softball in the chin? That hurt for a few days. Then remember on October 14th when I slid/tumbled into 3rd base? That one hurt for like a month and to this day I still have a big scar. Today when I was running into first the first base player was in my way and literally tripped me. I’m already clumsy so when something like that happens I basically go flying. When it happens it’s embarassing… you just get up and act like eveything is ok. And these slide/tumble burns are painful! They burn like a mofo. Not even my long socks could save me.  Here is a picture I took in between innings.

Have you wondered why there are no pictures of my Tuesday softball team?  We are named “The Hurricanes” after the ever so popular drink at Pat O’Briens who sponsors us somehow. If you think I should post a picture here you need to take it up with the captain. I tried to get a picture the first week  and… well…. aheemmmm…. you should just talk to Kari about why I made a joke about not wanting a picture of this team.

Here is my cleaned up injury. Once its cleaned up it doesn’t look like a big deal but I can still feel it!

I like owning calendars I am just really bad at keeping them on the right month. It appears as though JP and/or Lily must be better at it than I am because today I noticed that someone changed it to the right month! The whole calendar is hilarious stuff like this.

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  1. Jess says:

    I think it’s important to milk an injury, no matter how big or small, for all it’s worth! :) Gets those sympathy points racked up.

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