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You Are The Cream In My Coffee

As usual first thing this morning Lily told me that she was hungry. I was not in the mood to make pancakes or waffles but I had to make her something. So I reach in the pantry and grab the oatmeal. I asked Lily if she liked oatmeal. I know for a fact that I have never made it for her but maybe her dad has. As a matter of fact I just bought oatmeal for the first time last week when I bought this container of it. She looked at the container and got all excited and said “Your gonna make if from scratch?”. OMG! Here we go again. Anytime Lily says those 6 words it always makes me feel guilty for some reason. In this case is there really any other way to make oatmeal then from scratch? I read the back of the container and set out all of the ingredients.

Then of course Lily wanted to help so I let her pour in the milk. After that she got bored and took off to her room. She totally has her mother’s attention span. Amuse me or I am outta here!

Here it is! It looks perfect. I sprinkled a few cranberries on top and set out some brown sugar (last week I switched us from 2% to 1% milk but I don’t think anyone noticed).

Lily was excited to eat it but when she took a bite it turned into a different story. She said “Mom, this does not taste like oatmeal… it tastes like rice.. gross rice”. I told her to eat at least a few bites. In the end she had a few bites, all of the cranberries and all of her milk. Does anyone know where I might have gone wrong? Maybe it was the milk? I used 1% organic… should I have use whole milk instead? I followed the directions on the container exactly as it said. Anyone, anyone?

The oatmeal may have been a distaster but my coffee wasn’t! Have I ever told you about my love for coffee? I have come a long way in my coffee drinking over the last few years. I use to like lattes with only a single shot of espresso and lots of vanilla. Then I moved onto drip coffee with about half of the cup with vanilla creamer in it. Then I moved onto drip coffee with sugar and half and half. Now if you make me a coffee I want a drip coffee with a splash of creamer and I am happy! Here is my coffee this morning in my favorite coffee cup.

While we are talking about coffee have I ever told you that JP is the one who makes the coffee around here (except on Saturdays)? Almost every day he brings me a cup of coffee when I get out of bed. He use to put it on my bedside table but now he sets it on the counter in the bathroom… I guess thats incentive to get up and going! He is truly the cream in my coffee. If you haven’t done it yet be sure to go to the top right side of the page and click on the link to “Adventures of BofC”. I keep updating that page and someday all of the pictures will be the same size.. bare with me!!!

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  1. Sarah S. says:

    Oatmeal must have a heaping spoonful (perhaps 2!) of brown sugar & butter in it to make it delicious. I don’t think the type of milk really matters, as long as it isn’t totally fat free. I used to love oatmeal but trying to be healthy, I cut back on the butter & brown suger and found that I don’t like it at all without it!

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