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Retail Therapy

I know it is hard to tell in the pictures that I publish but Lily is growing like a weed. She stands at about 54″ tall and it seems like she is getting taller by the day. Lately she has been expressing her awareness of it and it is not in a positive way. She has cried more than once while telling me that she is the tallest girl in 2nd grade and that it makes her uncomfortable.  I tell her all the time how cool it is to be tall. I am tall (about 5’10”) so I knew she wouldn’t be short but now that she is growing so fast I truly wonder how tall she is gonna get! Last weekend she was complaining about how her clothing was not fitting correctly so I told her I would take her shopping soon. Today was the day! After work we headed to La Cantera. We love love love that mall. It has pretty much every store you can think of! Our first stop was Dillards because I love the childrens section there. I made sure Lily tried on everything that we wanted to buy. Don’t you love this Hurley sweatshirt that she picked out?

She ended up picking out quite a few tops. She tried on 3 pairs of jeans but she only wanted 1 of them. Can you guess which pair?

And last but not least I had her pick out a bunch of pairs of hipsters. They were having an amazing sale on them!

Our next stop was going to be Childrens Place but as we were walking past the Estee Lauder counter I saw this.

I have told you before that my entire make-up drawer is nothing but Estee Lauder products. I knew that I needed eye liner and mascara and the best time to buy is when you get the free gift. The sales lady was awesome. She even let Lily play with the makeup.

Before we got all the way out of the store we also went past the fancy dress section. Lily always has to stop and look at the party dresses. She always ohhs and ahhs her way through the section. If a sales person ever asks if they can help me with anything in that section I always point at Lily and say “Nah, we are just planning for the future”.

I also pretty much can’t go into any major department store without looking at the strappy black heels. What do you think of these? I love the simple slip on heels.

I am not sure why but I felt the need to take a picture of this bug that we saw outside on the sidewalk. Cockroach… you gotta love Texas! YIKES! Ever since we moved into our new house we have a pest control company that comes to our house every 3 months so never see these suckers at home.

After we were done shopping we headed home. Since JP left this morning for a day trip to St Louis, MO I knew he wouldn’t be back yet. As I was tucking Lily into bed I head the garage door open and I knew he was back. It still makes me smile everytime I hear him come home. And he is so sweet, look what he got for me!

I don’t think I have ever told you guys about my love for refrigerator magnets. I totally collect them. And I have a ton of them! So if you are ever traveling be sure to buy me a magnet!


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Aww poor Lily, that has to be tough. Crockroaches are soooo gross!

  2. Annalisa says:

    Daisy, your Lily is beautiful! I have a daughter(11 years old) too and WE LOVE shopping at La Cantera! She is totally addicted to Build-A-Bear and JUSTICE…needless to say, we spend most of our time at Justice. It looks like you and Lily have so much fun together. That’s what life is all about! Does Lily like Oysters too? My daughter loves them! :)

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