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My Little Valentines

Today Lily had her two best friends Adeline and Cameron over for a Valentine Themed sleep-over. I pre-planned a few things to make sure they would have lots of fun. I told them they were all my Valentines.

I have mentioned that I love Department 56 stuff. Remember my posting about the Snowbabies and about the breakfast tray? I also have three Department 56 Valentine plates so I brought them out for the party. Here is one of them.

The first thing thing we did was set things up to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Everyone took turns dipping the strawberries then putting them on the wax paper. Here is Adeline busy dipping.

And Cameron.

And Lily of course.

We are almost done.

Looks good, huh?

We even had some extra chocolate so we did some bananas.

The next thing we did was sit down for dinner. I made them a fancy pre-dinner drink. Shirley Temples.

Everyone say “Cheers”!


They everyone ate the “Unwrapped Chicken Enchilladas” that I made.

After dinner we started on a painting project.

Adeline started with yellow.

Everyone was really into it.

Lily loves rainbows.

After we finished painting I took them outside to spray them and let them dry.

While we were waiting for them to dry I let the girls have some of the chocolate covered strawberries.

And the banana was soooo good!

After the LOVE signs were dry I brought them back in and had them decorate them. Here is mine.

Here is Adeline and Cameron posing with their finished sign.

And Lily’s!

Adeline says “Cheese”!

When I told them it was time for bed they said “Can we stay up and party until JP gets home?”. I told them his flight didn’t get in until way late and that it was time for bed. I put them up in Lily’s room and slipped in a movie. About 30 minutes later JP came home and I asked him to go up with me to say goodnight. They were all so happy to see him and happy they got to say goodnight. I turned the movie off and everyone went right to sleep. I truly love these little girls!

3 Comments to “My Little Valentines”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Those signs look cool. It will be fun when the girls get older to do that. Never tried chocolate covered bananas but will have to soon. You are such a fun mom!

  2. Amanda M says:

    Wow you are an awesome MOM that looks so fun. I bet they will alway remember this sleepover.

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