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MSW cause it’s cool… not practical

I have told you before that we named my car MSW, do you remember what it stands for?

Today I have a prime example of why maybe getting this car was not my best choice as far as practicality goes. When I got out of work today it was warm and sunny so I put the top down on my car. After I picked up Lily from school we headed to the grocery store.

When we got there Lily asked me what we were gonna do with her backpack while we were in the store.

We live in a pretty good part of town but I still wondered if her bag would be safe with the top down. I told her she could try to squeeze it into the little tiny bit of trunk space that we have.

There was no way that thing was gonna fit in the trunk. So we just decided to take our chances and leave it on the floor of the car. When I am driving this car I am always super careful and aware of what we are buying because we don’t have a lot of room to transport the grocerys that we buy.

When the top is down we have even less room and we end up putting the grocerys in Lily’s lap which annoys her.

I finally agreed to put one of the bags in lap too.

One time when Lily was complaining about the amount of room in the car I asked her if she would rather have a cool car or a car that fit all of her groceries. I know she is my daughter because she chose the cool car answer.

If we wouldn’t have gone through this today we never would have had awesome bbq chicken or the jalapeno wraps!

YUM for sure!

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