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Earrings and Meatball Florentine

Lily wore hanging earrings for the first time in her life today. Every time we go into a store that has earrings she always wants to get the big ol hoops but I keep telling her she has to wait until she gets older. We got her the pair she wore for Valentine’s Day this year.

When we were at the grocery store I got my inspiration for dinner from the HEB Cooking Connection. Meatball Florentine!

Start with a bag of meatballs (or you can make them from scratch). Cut them in have and set them in the baking dish.

Then put on a layer of spinach. I put on a ton because we really like spinach around here.

Then put in your favorite jar of marinara spagetti sauce. And throw a bunch of cheddar cheese on top!

Then I washed and layed out some mixed salad and cut up the strawberries and nuts.

Boil some noodles and you will have a delicious plate like this.

And a tasty salad like this!

I would totally make this dinner again.

2 Comments to “Earrings and Meatball Florentine”

  1. Vanessa says:

    That looks really good..might have to try that recipe.

  2. Katie S. says:

    This does look really good. How long & how high did you bake the meatballs? I think I might make this tomorrow!

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