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Do You Know What It Is?

Have you noticed sometimes when I post things there are words that appear to be bolded or in a different color? Have you had your mouse hover above them? If you have you will notice it usually says “click here” and if you do it will take you to another posting in my website that has to do with what I am writing about. I have always wondered if anyone actually clicks on those? Prime example is the posting I posted earlier today named “You Are The Cream In My Coffee“. So if you were paying attention you will know that in my posting I linked you to a picture of this.

Do you know what it is? On three sides of it there is glass that can be removed and you can change the background. You just need a screwdriver.

See it is that easy.

And this is what it looks like without the glass or background in there.

The drawers all have different size compartments in it.

What would you put it in?

I can think of more than a few things.

But back to my original question! Does anyone know what it is? Or I guess I should say does anyone know what it was originally used for?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I cheated and looked closer at the picture, thought I knew and googled it. It was used in department stores to store ACE Combs. There were tons of different size combs.

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