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What does SS mean to you?

At my work we have an employee club that does different things throughout the year to boost employee moral and make work a little bit more exciting. The name of our employee club is “Social Stag” because our company logo is a stag. I have an officer position so I am pretty heavily involved with what goes on. We had our first officer meeting of 2011 today so I decided to go buy cupcakes on my lunch hour and bring to the meeting. When I was getting them I asked the bakery lady to add little SS’s on each cupcake. Aren’t they super cute? If you haven’t tried Target cupcakes do yourself a favor and go there next time you are going to buy cupcakes… you will thank me later!

When she handed me the box of cupcakes I saw the SS’s and it immediately made me think of one of my best friends Stephanie. Her initals are SS. The picture you are looking at above was taken with my phone earlier today and texted to Stephanie.

2 Comments to “What does SS mean to you?”

  1. Vanessa says:

    SS makes me think of my best buddy Sarah Sosnowski! Wish I could try those cupcakes but I don’t have a super Target by me.

  2. Stoner says:

    I miss you Rose!

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