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The end of the road for the Seahawks and the Patriots

Me and JP headed down to Fatso’s Sports Garden to watch the Seattle Seahawks vrs Chicago Bears game today. Although its kinda far from our house we chose Fatso’s because that is where the passionate fans hang out. When we walked into the bar the entire bar… literally THE ENTIRE BAR started hooting and hollering and someone yelled “The Seahawks fans showed up”.  As we looked around every person in there was obviously a Chicago Bears fan.

After sitting there for awhile and watching the Seahawks getting smeared JP stood up and yelled “Hey Bears fans” he got them to stand up so I could take this picture.

Just after halftime we had had enough and decided to leave and go meet up with some friends at Hooters. As we walked out of the bar they were singing “Na na na na, Na na na na,Hey hey hey, goodbye”… painful.

Here we are at Hooters. In the picture is me, Angela, Peter, Fred and Wally.

Angela is a big New England Patriots fan so after the Seahawks game was over she was rooting for Tom Brady.

Everytime the New York Jets scored she was stressed out a little bit more.

Here is the whole crew.

I joked about buying a Hooter t-shirt while we were in there just so I could take off my jersey. I made a deal with JP yesterday that if the Seahawks won he would buy me a new Seattle Seahawks jersey. Then when it became pretty clear that that wasn’t happening I made a quick deal with him that if the Seahawks lost we would become big Green Bay Packers fans and he would buy me a jersey! Good deal if you ask me!

2 Comments to “The end of the road for the Seahawks and the Patriots”

  1. The Pirate says:

    LoL What the hell is wrong with Peters Eyes?? Red Much?

  2. Corey Jo says:

    JP doesn’t look happy at all. What did you do to him Daisy?

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