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Happy Birthday Marlene!

Ok first I want to say Happy Birthday to JP’s mom Marlene! I wish we could be in Washington to celebrate it with you!

Speking of Washington… I have been hesitant to cook fish ever since I moved to Texas. I mean living in the Pacific Northwest for so long completely spoiled me and made me take the Pacific Salmon for granted. You can’t buy that here but you can buy Atlantic Salmon. Yesterday Lily and I sampled some at the Cooking Connection inside of our local grocery store and Lily loved it so thats what I made today.

Baked Atlantic Salmon that I covered in a red pepper sauce after it was done and baked asparagus on the side.

The salmon was close to but not quite the stuff I remember eating in Seattle.

Last weekend I made a tricky deal with JP to get a new jersey. Basically if the Seahawks had won I was getting a new Seattle Seahawks jersey but if they lost I was getting a new Green Bay Packers jersey (I made these deals at separate times).  After dinner today we headed to a sports store in the mall and they said we were the 3rd person to come in after they sold their last Greenbay jersey. Since I already have the Chicago Bears at home I asked about the New York Jets. The girl said they had two more of them but when I tried them on one of them was to small and the other was way to big. No new jerseys for me… boo!


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  1. Amanda says:

    First of all, I’m going to bust on you for saying Atlantic salmon tastes even CLOSE to wild Pacific :) Secondly – It looks delish, you have been amazing me with the beautiful plates you have been making for the last few months, I wish I could taste it too but you eat with your eyes first and your food makes me want to try it.

    And to Miss Lily – your Lemon Chicken Pasta looks great, maybe you can make me dinner next time I see you. Maybe you can teach Auntie Amanda how to cut an Avacado without a trip to the ER :) Love you guys!

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