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I ♥ Snowbabies

Next time you are thinking about buying me a gift.. this is what I want. As you already know I have fallen in love with all things Snowbabie. As of this Christmas my own personal collection has begun. When I moved in with JP he already had a few of the character collectibles but here are the three that I got for Christmas this year.

#1- This one is named “I’m A Real Deer”

#2- This one is named “In A Spin” (did you notice the penguin on his saucer?)

#3 – Is the Snowbabies Nativity you can move each little Snowbabie around to sit anywhere you want it to

JP already had these super cute character collectibles. Who doesn’t love Barbie or Tweetie Bird.

And there really is  no place like home when I have Dorothy and Snowbabies in the same picture.

This is what they all look like together on the shelf. I can just stand there are stare at these little guys. Thank You Department 56!!

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  1. […] thing I bought yesterday was two Department 56® – Snowbabies. I have told you about for love for these little ones multiple times. I have been told not to buy these on my own because they are suppose to be gifts […]

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