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BUSTED… and a vegetarian dinner!

After work today I got pulled over for the 2nd time in less than a month. A few weeks ago San Antonio Police Department gave me a ticket for going 60 in a 45 after exiting the highway. This time Bexar County gave me a ticket for an expired window sticker thing (which we have the updated stickers for, he just never put them on my car) and for living here in Texas with an out of state drivers license. I have gotten away with my WA drivers license for like 3+ years now and it was going to expire in August anyways so whatever. As he handed me my ticket he told me if I take care of both within 30 days they will dismiss the tickets. Quite the motivator, huh? I am gonna take the day off on Friday and take care of it. So my favorite part of this whole getting pulled over was when I asked the cop if I could take his picture and he says “why?” I say “so that I can post this experience on my website” and he gave me a funny look and says “no” and then walked away.

So you guys are gonna have to settle for a picture of the ticket. Isn’t it ridiculously long? I bet Texas could save a little bit of money  by simply using less paper for tickets.

After all of that excitement I picked up Lily and we headed home. I made portabello mushrooms for the second time. So so so good again this time around.

And I also put together a mixed salad with balls of fresh mozzarella on top.

And…. for the first time EVER the rice that I made turned out. It wasn’t burnt, crunchy or overly mushy!!! I am seriously becoming the Domestic Goddess!

2 Comments to “BUSTED… and a vegetarian dinner!”

  1. Katie S. says:

    Sorry about the ticket, that stinks! But your mushrooms look delicious! When Paul & I were vegetarian we loved grilling portabello burgers. Yum!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Portabella’s are one thing that I’ve never made. Look’s good and SLOW down.

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