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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Besides on my trips to Michigan and Montana I have yet to wear a coat this season. When I left work this afternoon it was a cool 45° and I was secretly excited about it.

My first thought besides “don’t speed on the way home” was about what I am going to wear for the next couple days. A couple months ago I bought a brand new pair of black boots that I haven’t been able to wear yet,  and yes I will be breaking those bad boys in!

I have 4 different winter coats but only a couple days to wear them. Regardless of the morning temperature I don’t wear a coat if the outside temperature has a high in the 50’s because I usually have at least a light sweater on. Which one do you like best? Quick note: It is a LOT harder to take a picture of yourself then you would think!

#1- I bought this coat for my trip to Michigan this past Thanksgiving. Shopping Tip: Coats are a lot cheaper at Nordstroms in the Juniors department if you can get away with it!


#2- I bought this coat a couple years ago and I still like it. I almost gave this coat to Amanda when I was visiting her in Montana last month.

#3- I bought this coat two years ago but have only worn it a few times. I think I prefer to wear longer coats.

#4- My brand new never worn Calvin Klein. I love love love this one and can’t wait to wear it.

And I also learned how hard it is to photograph your feet!


2 Comments to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Stoner says:

    I like coat #1 The best.

  2. Amanda M says:

    I love your new layout. I knew you would have fun with it and are very creative. It looks awesome.

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