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Whitehall, MT here comes trouble!
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I woke up early this morning in the hotel and caught the shuttle bus back to the SLC airport. Before I knew it we were taking off and headed to Bozeman, MT. The flight was less than an hour so it went really quick. This is the view over Bozeman that I took from the airplane window.

Hello Montana!

When I stepped off of the plane I saw that this tiny airport only has 3 gates! Can you believe it? Once I got outside of security Amanda’s mom Sue was waiting for me while Amanada kept the car warm. The first thing I noticed was all of the moutains… everywhere! This picture does the mountains no justice.

Almost to Whitehall!

After we dropped of Sue we headed over to Amanda’s sister Haddie’s work. She works in a place that is a casino, gas station, bar, and Subway restaurant all in one. The casino part has video Keno and video Poker. It took me about $20 to learn that I am not a fan of either.

After we left there we went to a place called “Two Bit Saloon & Grill” and had some very good fried foods. Have you ever had fried green beans before? I have. We started talking to a lady named Connie who is part bar owner/bartender and she let me get behind the bar.

And then she asked me to sign their map.

Shameless self promotion!

One thing I had forgotten about cold weather is the ice. One second you are standing there and the next second bam you land on your a**. Here is proof! Do you see the red spot? That is blood. Ouch!

Whitehall is having a Christmas something or other festival this weekend so there are lots of people around.. or so they say that it’s a lot of people. After Haddie got off of work she was ready for a beer… or two.. ok, maybe three! Everyone say cheese!

I quit smoking but I still go outside with Amanda anytime she wants to smoke. When we went outside this time we saw that it had started snowing. Can you see the flakes?

We started walking back home when we ran into a little trouble with the law. Ha ha.. just kidding. This is one of Haddie’s friends.


3 Comments to “Whitehall, MT here comes trouble!”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I can’t believe you had your picture taken with a cop??? Crazy 😉

  2. Amanda says:

    Do you know how many pics she has with cops lol, it’s her favorite :)

  3. Vanessa says:

    That’s why I said that…

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